Flexo and gravure printing up to 10 colours

Set your product apart from the competition

Increase your product’s visibility with an attractive packaging and boost your sales.

Most of in store purchases are made on impulse. It takes just a few seconds to make the decision to buy or not a specific product.

An eye catching packaging has more chance to be chosen among others.

Besides appearance, your packaging must comply with the actual labelling standards and regulations.

We can give you the information regarding those requirements.

Offering premium products, that is your business. Offering you the most accurate packaging for them, that is our business.

Graphic design services

Since flexo and gravure printing have their own requirements, minor adjustments may sometimes be suggested, either in order to eliminate issues that could compromise the quality of the final result or to spot redundant colors, thus eliminating excessive costs.

Advise on compliance with the differents government agencies standards and regulations: CFIA, FDA, MAPAQ, Canadian Dairy Commission, Product Code (UPC), etc.

For all these branding projects, our graphic department, along with your sales representative, will be available to give you all the needed information regarding your printed packaging project.

Complimentary graphic design service

New service: Digital printing

This option revolutionizes the offer for printed packaging!

You can now print small quantities of bags and pouches.

Digital printing is rather fast.

You will get your bags a few weeks after the final approval of your order.

Perfect for new product testing.

Free Consultation Service for your printed packaging projects

Take advantage of our experience!

You can rely on our expertise to guide you through the process of your printed packaging projects.

First, your sales representative will determine with you the most accurate material for your product’s specific needs.

Then, we mandate our more appropriate supplier with the making of your printed packaging project.

Contact us to discuss of your printed packaging project with one of our consultants.

Your packaging is your most important promotional tool.

The most cost efficient advertising media you can have. An accurate packaging will give your products the appeal that can influence the customer’s buying decision.