Embossed pouches

Nylon / polyethylene (4 mil)

Dimension Qty/Box
6 x 10 1000
6 x 12 1000
8 x 12 1000
8 x 14 1000
11 x 16 500
14 x 20 250

Embossed pouches in rolls

Nylon / polyethylene (4 mil)

Dimension Qty/Box
8 in. x 50 ft 10
11 in. x 50 ft 10
15 in. x 50 ft 10


Embossed pouches for external vacuum sealers

Accessible Vacuum packaging

External vacuum sealers are more affordable and much smaller than vacuum chambers. This allows more people and businesses to enjoy the many benefits of vacuum conservation.

This pouch is especially designed with an embossed side, due to the fact that the external sealer needs a firm grip during the vacuuming process.

It is very versatile. The embossed pouch can be used for frozen and refrigerated conservation as well as sous vide cooking (up to 100 °C).

It is appropriate for a great variety of food.

Properties :

No phtalates.


One embossed side and one smooth side.

High resistance with a 4 mil thickness. 

Offered on roll or separate bags for more versality.

Packed in stacks of 100 pouches.

N.B.: All measurements are Outside Dimensions. We always measure pouches by width x height.