DuroVac biodegradable pouch

performs similar to the classic high barrier vacuum pouch, but fully biodegrades in landfill within 26 months


  •  barrier barrier
  • biodegradable biodegradable
  •  cook-in cook-in
  •  high clarity high clarity
  •  microwaveable microwaveable
  •  moisture retention moisture retention
  •  puncture resistant puncture resistant
  •  sustainable sustainable


  • Boilable and microwaveable
  • Engineered to endure extreme freezing
  • High clarity
  • High Oxygen barrier
  • Puncture resistant
  • The only biodegradable vacuum pouch in Canada


  • icon Poultry
  • icon Seafood
  • icon Smoked & processed meats
  • icon Dairy
  • icon Ready meals
  • icon Alternative proteins
  • icon Pet food
  • icon Baked goods
  • icon Dried food & snacks
  • icon Fresh Red Meat

Our biodegreadable vacuum pouch performs similar to regular vacuum pouches but decomposes in landfill within 26 months