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Rigid bottle vs Flexible spout pouch?

Rigid bottle vs Flexible spout pouch?

One of the easiest school snacks for parents in Canada to pack for kids is a fruit puree in a spout pouch. Spout pouches have been replacing rigid plastic bottles and glass bottles at a fast clip. The value proposition posed by spouted pouches is overwhelming and we will unpack it for you here:

Convenience – accessing content from spout pouches is easy.

Tamper evidence – spout pouch caps are designed for tamper evidence.

Sustainability – spout pouches use 80% less plastic compared to rigid plastic bottles.

Evacuation – remove over 99% of product from spout pouch vs 95% from rigid bottles.

Cost-effective – by using lighter-weight materials, spout pouches cost less compared to rigid packaging.

Shelf impact – spout pouches have no limitation in shapes and eye-catching designs vs rigid bottles which require labels and shrink sleeves.

Capital expenditure – spout pouches require very simple fill and seal equipment or a simple band sealer, while rigid packaging require expensive machinery for small to medium-sized operations.

Transportation – spout pouches occupy less space than rigid plastic bottles, thus lowering transportation costs.