Who we are

Duropac is a leading flexible packaging solution provider for the Canadian food industry. We are an independent family-owned organization that specializes in the shelf life extension of food.

Our food experts and network of specialists enhance our ability to solve and recommend bespoke solutions. We take pride in our knowledgeable customer service team that is responsive, efficient, consistent, and compassionate.


DUROPAC was founded in 1993 by Yvon Tremblay, a packaging specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Customer service was his number one priority. Twenty-two years after the company creation, M. Tremblay retired after a successful career in the packaging industry.

Since 2015, Duropac is an independent-owned business and managed with the same passion: help customers finding the flexible packaging that will fulfill their needs and requirements. In 2019, current owners won a prestigious prize awarded by the 3rd biggest Chamber of Commerce in Québec: Succession and Business transfer - Category winners.


DUROPAC has been growing faster than the market because customer's specific needs and requirements are at the center of our concerns.

While the industry is reducing spending on customer service, Duropac is ramping up investments for the client experience. Our agility and flexibility make us an ideal partner for the fast-paced food industry.

Innovative Solutions

Duropac stays abreast of current and future market trends. We conduct annual reviews of global packaging trends and assist our key partners with their R&D efforts and new product launches.

We source from the global marketplace and enjoy the benefits of staying on trends from world-class flexible packaging manufacturers.

Customer Service

Our customer service team works collaboratively with clients and 25 internal team members to provide a flawless customer experience. With over 2,000 active customers, we have built trusted relationships over decades.