• Inventory Management
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  • New Product Development
  • Research & Development
  • Quality Control & Certifications
  • Equipment Advisory Services
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    Inventory management

    Inventory management is one of the pillars to our success. In the past couple of years, we invested time, effort and money to manage our supply chain efficiently. We consider that our supplier's relationship and management are as important as the customer.

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    Every product that arrives and leaves our warehouse is scanned

    Our forecasting system is integrated with our order system to track every order that leaves our warehouse; every product that leaves our warehouse is scanned with their lot number and quantity which eliminate potential shipping error.

    Inventory is updated live when an order is entered and our purchasing team is working with each supplier to manage stock levels. We can link our forecasting system with customer demand to refill customer inventory according to their demand. With a minimum fee, we can carry customer inventory in our warehouse space. For exceptional reason, if a customer request a specific size we don't carry, we get creative and find an alternative solution.

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    We make it easy!Take advantage of our printing services.

    You can rely on our expertise to guide you through the process of your printed packaging projects.

    Free consultation services for your printed packaging projects

    Our experts are at your service, they will accompany you through all the steps of the printing process. Your consultant will be able to help you find the most accurate material and printing technique for your packaging, at the best possible price.

    Artwork Analysis

    Besides appearance, your packaging must comply with the actual labeling standards and regulations. We can advise you on compliance with the different government agencies standards and regulations: CFIA, FDA, MAPAQ, Canadian Dairy Commission, Product Code (UPC), etc. Since flexo and gravure printing have their own requirements, minor adjustments may sometimes be suggested, either in order to eliminate issues that could compromise the quality of the final result or to spot redundant colors, thus eliminating excessive costs.

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    Compliance adjustments on your artwork can be made with no extra fees

    For all these branding projects, our graphic department, along with your sales representative, will be available to give you all the needed information regarding your printed packaging project.

    Production and Shipping

    Once these steps are through, we will follow up with your project from your order right up until you receive it. Contact us to discuss about your printed packaging project with one of our consultants.

    Offering premium products, that is your business. Offering you the most accurate packaging for them, that is our business.

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    New Product Development

    Our customer's specific need and requirement are at the center of our concerns. To fulfill our customer's needs and requirements, we have picked the best of the best worldwide suppliers and we have built long-term partnership with them.

    We expect that our suppliers would be able to create and develop the new product based on our customer's needs and requirements. If our current supplier cannot supply a specific, then we will shop around the world to find an alternative supplier.

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    Research & Development

    Our customer's specific needs and requirements are at the center of our concerns. We source the global marketplace and selectively partner with the best suppliers. Duropac has built long-term trusted relationships which gives us unlimited access to their R&D facilities for new product development.

    We assist our partners with product development and commercialization. Our customers win by the best Win-Win strategy for the customer but also for the supplier to improve their product portfolio.

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    Quality Control & Certifications

    "Quality has been the main drivers of our rapid organic growth. Our partners are the most innovative global flexible packaging manufacturers and uniquely positioned to provide high-quality food grade solutions.

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    Primarily German made extruding and converting equipment

    By utilizing primarily German made extruding and converting equipment, we enjoy the benefits of high quality solutions. Our partners are SQF level II & level III certification or BRC certification. Duropac conducts annual audits of our exclusive partner's manufacturing plants for quality assurance purposes.

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    Equipment Advisory Services

    Duropac advises her partners on capital expenditures for food packaging. With over 200 years of cumulative experience managing projects, we help guide you on making unbiased informed decisions.

    Our scope of work includes determination of suitability and sharing our experience with service and parts and troubleshooting.

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    Packaging Consulting Services

    Package format and design selection can mean the difference between success and failure. Duropac packaging specialists will help you optimize your packaging and enhance your brand to maximize your revenue and profits.

    Our specialists have worked on numerous challenging projects to extend shelf life, improve throughput, reduce waste and revive brands that are plateauing or struggling.