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Duropac packaging solution praised by Atwood Heritage in the Canadian Packaging Magazine

Smoked meat processor Atwood Heritage Processing has eliminated its packaging bottleneck with new-generation automated processing and packaging equipment, the Canadian Packaging magazine writes. ...

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Sustainable Packaging for the Meat and Poultry industry in Ontario

In this article, Jean-Francois Bourdeau, President and General Manager of Duropac, highlights challenges in offering ‘sustainable’ packaging solutions to the meat and poultry industryToday food proces...

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Poultry processor delighted with eye-catching shrink bag

Duropac was approached by Ferme des Voltigeurs Inc, a national producer of organic and grain-fed poultry products to help with brand enhancement and alleviating custom printed bag cost. Duropac, since...

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Canadian plastic recycling is far from good

There is no recycling company in Canada that can recycle multi-layer materials. The hard facts are that over 90% of Canadian plastic ends up in landfills. There is no scalable technology today that ca...

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Rigid bottle vs Flexible spout pouch?

One of the easiest school snacks for parents in Canada to pack for kids is a fruit puree in a spout pouch. Spout pouches have been replacing rigid plastic bottles and glass bottles at a fast clip. The...

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