Duropac’s business model and processes incorporate sustainability considerations for the environment and society. We are committed to solving our customers problems but also society at large. Our commitment to the circular economy is through our recyclable and reusable packaging solutions. We are also committed to having 100% biodegradable packaging solutions by 2040.


We help our customers meet their sustainability goals by reducing food waste through better product protection, thinner materials, and biodegradable materials in the event they end up in a landfill. We are committed to diverting waste from landfills but have the pragmatism to know the current Canadian waste infrastructure is far from being able to recycle multi-layer plastics.


Duropac is an independent family-run business and is focused on creating a stress-free and safe working environment. We believe happy employees that are engaged translate good habits to their households and beyond.


Our customers are front and center in our sustainability goals. Social and environmental factors have challenged our customer’s business models, and we have exceeded their expectations in collaboratively finding solutions.

Sustainable solutions

Duropac has two main strategies to ensure we honor our commitment to the environment.

Innovative solutions – by going global to find innovative packaging which allows us to use light weight, thinner and stronger materials.

Biodegradable solutions – we are a data driven organization that recognizes current trends point to over 80% of plastic food waste in Canada goes to landfill. Our response to this challenge has allowed us to be the only company in Canada providing biodegradable food packaging such as shrink bags, thermoform films and vacuum pouches.